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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Walking With Shadows


Walking With Shadows

DIRECTOR : Fumni Iyanda, Aoife Kelly
COUNTRY : Nigeria | UK
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 95min

Nu Metro 5, 12 Oct @ 8pm | Nu Metro 6, 16 Oct @ 12pm


In Lagos, Nigeria, Ebele Njoko has been running away from his true identity his entire life. A search for validation and love from his family, has led him to create a character at variance with himself but one more acceptable to society. Suddenly, Adrian’s past and secrets have caught up with him and his world soon begins to crumble as he frantically tries to control the growing ripple effect of a revelation. In a context of strong religious and cultural beliefs the repercussions of this news soon threatens the perfect life he had created. Adrian now has to confront past traumas and starts a quest for acceptance and understanding.

Walking In Shadows is adapted from Jude Dibia’s 2005 book of the same title, which was awarded Sweden’s Natur och Kultur Prize. 

Walking With Shadows_Aoife O_ Kelly


Aoife O’Kelly is an Irish writer/director, based in London. In 2016, she completed her MA in Directing Fiction at Goldsmith’s University. She also holds a BA in English Literature and Psychology and an Msc in Applied Digital Media. Aoife has worked in TV and film production for nearly a decade, She has worked on a variety of formats and subject matters including docs, features and animation. Her skills cross over multiple departments including video editing, script-writing, camera work, producing and directing. Her latest short film Lula has been nominated for a number of awards including Best Student Short Film at the London Short Film Festival. Aoife’s films aim to combine striking visuals that convey truthful and unusual humanistic stories.

Walking With Shadows_Funmi Iyanda


Funmi Iyanda is a multi-award winning TV host, Writer, Film and TV producer. She was creator of Nigeria’s most iconic talk show, NEW DAWN for which she won 57 industry awards including the Nigerian Media Merit Award for TV presenting. Her BBC commissioned My Country Nigeria was nominated for best news documentary award at the 2011 Monte Carlo Film and TV festival whilst her gritty Web social-political diary, Chopcassava was nominated for best web series award at Banff Film and Television Festival in 2012. She has a slate of critically acclaimed social documentaries. She has written for theatre, news and music in a career spanning two decades. Funmi’s talent is turning dark matter to light. Shadows is Funmi’s directorial debut.