Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Under the Rainbow


Under the Rainbow

Shorts Programme 10

DIRECTOR : Pieter Smuts
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 30min

Nu Metro 6, 12 Oct @ 8pm | Nu Metro 5, 16 Oct @ 5.30pm


Under the Rainbow is set in a modern day South Africa – a vignette into the lives of two working class men – Bonile and Alhein, as they travel the city by night hanging cardboard signs with tomorrow’s news headlines on them. The film has two narrative threads – one being the journey of Alhein and Bonile, the other being the cinematic retelling of news events – these stories are a varied and mostly a grim reflection of the state of modern South Africa. The headlines on the news boards Alhein and Bonile are hanging up describe the events of these stories – thus connecting the two narrative threads.

Under The Rainbow_Pieter Smuts


Pieter Smuts started his film career in 2012 after three years of study at the African Film and Drama Academy in Cape Town, graduating with a BA in Motion Picture Medium. Immediately after college he joined the local film and commercials industry where he has spent the last five years working under and learning from industry legends on an array of large scale productions including:
He draws inspiration from many great filmmakers though the works of The Coen Brothers, Park Chan-wook and David Fincher are a particularly strong influence on him.