The Wedding Ring (Zin’naariyâ!) 02

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / The Wedding Ring (Zin’naariyâ!)


The Wedding Ring (Zin’naariyâ!)

DIRECTOR : Rahmatou Keïta
YEAR : 2016
TIME : 96min
TIME : 117min

Nu Metro 2, 11 Oct @ 10am | Nu Metro 4, 19 Oct @ 4.45pm


Tiyaa is a student, member of a prestigious aristocratic family. She is back home to sultanate of Damagaran, in Niger Republic, for the Winter holidays. As planned, she is expecting the young man she met in the university she is studying, in France, to make a formal proposal of marriage. He too comes from a prestigious family, not far from Damagaran, in the Emirate of Maïduguri and her parents cannot reject such an eligible fiancé. Tiyaa is overwhelmed… While expecting him, she has time to inform her friends of this secret Parisian love. Life is pleasant and peaceful but time passes and the handsome suitor is slow to come. Tiyaa has the opportunity to discover in her surroundings other women whose love stories, marriage, desertion or divorce tell of the relationship between men and women in the Sahelian society.


The Wedding Ring (Zin’naariyâ!)_Rahamtou Kei-ta


Rahmatou Keïta
Writer – director
Born in Niger, the award winner, Rahmatou Keïta is a daughter of the Sahel. She is
descendant of its oldest dynasty, the one of Sundjata Keïta. As she puts it, she is of the true essence of the Sahelian countries : She is Fulaani, Songhoy and Mandigo. After studying philosophy and linguistics in Paris, she started her career in France.
Before becoming a movie director, she made herself a name as a journalist for European TV channels. With the team of the TV Magazine “L’Assiette Anglaise”, on French television France 2, they won the prestigious “7d’Or” Award. In 1993, she decided to devote her time to her true passions: writing and directing. She went on to direct documentary films. She directs short films and create the TV series Femmes d’Afrique (Women from Africa) (26 x 26 minutes episodes – 1993-1997), screened on national channels in Africa.
With friends, Rahmatou Keïta started Sonrhay Empire Productions, to produce films “off” beaten tracks. In 2005, her first feature film AL’LÈÈSSI…, about the pioneers of African cinema, was selected at Cannes Film Festival and and won the Sojourner Truth Award. Al’lèèssi… received several awards such as the Best Documentary Award at Montreal, FIFAI
and won the Sojourner Truth Award at Cannes. A committed militant of the African cause, Rahmatou Keïta is a founding member of the Panafrican Association for Culture (ASPAC) and takes an active part in the dialogue of
cultures and civilisations.