The Road Not Taken 02


The Road Not Taken

DIRECTOR : Tang Gaopeng
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 113min

Nu Metro 2, 13 Oct @ 12pm | SK Nouveau 5, 17 Oct @ 12pm


In the depths of western China’s Gobi Desert, Yong (Wang Xuebing) operates a dilapidated ostrich farm, which is the last throw of the dice for him as he tries to win back his ex-wife and repair his life. One day, Mr. Wu (Wang Xufeng) comes looking for a debt to be repaid. When Yong can’t come up with the money, Wu leaves a lonely little boy (Zhu Gengyou) behind, telling Yong to look after him. Suspecting his ex-wife might be considering another marriage, Yong can only take the boy along as he goes to find her. In three days crossing the Gobi, they meet a sad and depressed female trucker Mei (Ma YiLi), and the three lonely people become a pseudo-family.More people join the action and the relationship between Yong and the boy is constantly tested and evolving over this journey. In the end, through these series of random encounters, every person embarks on their own path of no return.

The Road Not Taken_Tang Gaopeng


Tang graduated from Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1997 with a major in TV Commercial
Creativity & Production.
Tang worked for Beijing Culture Art A/V Publishing House, China Central Television Station
Channel 2 and Zenith Film Productions (Beijing) as a Creative Group Head and a short
film/MV/TVC director before starting his own studio and beginning a career as an
independent director in 2002.
Tang is regarded among the most outstanding TVC directors in China, well recognized for
his conceptual thinking ability, visual narrative skills, pragmatic execution, unique sense of
humor, as well as the delicate human touch in his works.
At the 17th Shanghai international film festival in 2014, as co-writer of screenplay “The
Road Not Taken”, Tang won the Special Regard Award for Film Market and he made his first feature film based on this script in 2016.