The Measure of a woman

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / The Measure of a Woman


The Measure of  Woman


DIRECTOR : Sara Blecher
WRITER : Sara Blecher & Collin Oliphant

SK Nouveau 5, 15 Oct @ 12.30pm | Nu Metro 4, 18 Oct @ 12pm


World Rowing Championships 2018, an unknown South Africa wins the women single scull event, smashing through the field making all the others look like amateurs. It’s a great victory for South Africa, but dark clouds have been gathering around the athlete. Doping charges are red flagged, as they always are in such cases, but so too are allegations that the 19-year-old isn’t even a woman. With news flying around, everyone is discussing about her. Some naughty boys even try to sneak a peek at her when she is in the changing room. The agent tries to dress her up for TV interview, hoping it could help shift the public opinion and get her back to the game. She believes that God has made her the way she is and that she is not a mistake. But with the social pressure, should Ntombi become another person, to go along with what the public calls a woman?



Executively produced by JIA Zhang-Ke. Following the vast positive reception and critiques on the first BRICS co-production of “Where Has Time Gone,” the same team initiated a new project. Gathering five female directors from China, Russia, India, Brazil, and South Africa, each to make a short film on the subject of “Contemporary Female Sentiments and the Society” from feminine visual perspectives. The five independent shorts are then compiled into an analogy feature film called “Half the Sky.”


“Half the Sky” has become an important theoretical generalization and practice of feminism worldwide. Through their works and realizations, the five women directors comprehend, listen to and focus on feminine values.
woman of measure director


Born and raised in Johannesburg, Sara BLECHER graduated with honors from NYU film school.
As an award winning documentary director and producer, Sara’s debut
feature Otelo Burning won over 17 international awards and was named by CNN as one of the top ten African films of the decade. Ayanda premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was selected to open the Durban International Film Festival. She recently completed her fourth feature film Mayfair which will soon to be released