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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / The Last Lullaby


The Last Lullaby

Shorts Programme 3

DIRECTOR : Birgit Käsper
COUNTRY : Denmark
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 10min

SK Nouveau 5, 13 Oct @ 10am  | Nu Metro 4, 18 Oct @ 10am


THE LAST LULLABY is a short film about a family tragedy based on a true story. On a day when a ten-month-old baby took his first steps no one could imagine that the next day would be his last one, but that’s exactly what happened. This story follows a young family: a firefighter, his wife, and a baby boy. On a beautiful spring day, something happened that no one expected. An uncontrollable force of nature – wind – took away their baby boy’s life in a twisted game of fate. The father, a young firefighter, hears the news in the most unpleasant way possible, while the mother and grandfather are desperately fighting to save the baby’s life. When the father arrives, his worst nightmares are confirmed, in the most horrific way, the little life is gone. The everyday hero, devoted to his family and dedicated to saving the lives of strangers, had to face the reality of death once again, but this time around in a very personal way.

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Director, writer Birgit Käsper born Estonia, Rapla, October 17th 1996.Studied at the European Film College 2017/18