Survival Lessons (Uroki vyzhivaniya) 02

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Survival Lessons (Uroki vyzhivaniya)


Survival Lessons (Uroki vyzhivaniya)

DIRECTOR : Andrey Tomashevskiy
COUNTRY : Russia
YEAR : 2016
TIME : 83min

Nu Metro 5, 12 Oct @ 12:30pm | Nu Metro 5, 13 Oct @ 12:30pm


Enya Aistov is a macho. He appreciates freedom and hates children. He used to be an aircraft commander. Now he pilots a small air-freighter on seaside resort islands. By a twist of fate he gets into a plane crash and ends up on an unfamiliar uninhabited island with 8 years old boy Kolya, who is sometimes a terrible pain. That is how this «survival game» starts…