Stone Cold Jane Austen 04

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Stone Cold Jane Austen


Stone Cold Jane Austen

DIRECTOR : Jon Savage
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2015
TIME : 98min

Nu Metro 4, 14 Oct @ 10.30pm | SK Nouveau 5, 10 Oct @ 5.30pm


Stone Cold Jane Austen (Jon Savage & Rob Van Vuuren), are one of the great English-speaking South African rock bands of the past decade and are the unrecognized heroes considered to be instrumental in accidentally creating the Afrikaans rock revolution that gave birth to bands such as Fokofpolisiekar, Jack Parow and Die Heuwels Fantasties. They have inspired a revolution, yet failed to break through to the mainstream.

One step away from total destitution the once-promising uncompromising punk band, have now taken to bone-headed tactics, over-rationalizations and harsh criticism of the SA music industry to survive.

Unfortunately this just results in self-sabotage and even more estrangement from the music industry and further away from success. All this changes when they decide against all odds –to try and conquer the Afrikaans music market, despite not speaking the language and taking a last shot at making a name for themselves.

South Africa’s almost forgotten legends make their comeback against all odds. This film about knowing when to give up versus believing that surrender is not an option is a fun film with a lot of heart, and essentially about the value of friendship.


Stone Cold Jane Austen_Jon Savage


Jon Savage is a maker of things. He began as a filmmaker at a young age until his musical
career exploded in the form of a globe-trotting rock band called Cassette. He has subsequently been a music producer, a DJ on South Africa’s national radio station, the music director of the SA Music Awards, the creator of the 5FM Mashlab phenomenon, a writer for Rolling Stone magazine, a film director and is now a content strategist and CEO of The