Soldiers Story From Ferentari 01

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Soldiers Story From Ferentari


Soldiers Story From Ferentari

DIRECTOR : Ivana Mladenovic
COUNTRY : Belguim | Romania | Serbia
TIME : 120min
YEAR : 2017

Nu Metro 5, 18 Oct @ 8pm | SK Nouveau 5, 18 Oct @ 8pm


Seeking someone to smooth his introductions to the cautiously closed-off, police-harassed local “gypsy” society, Adi stumbles upon garrulous, guileless, beer-bellied Alberto (Vasile Pavel-Digudai), who went from a rough upbringing to a long prison stint. After a couple years of homelessness, he’s living with a wealthy crime-boss cousin as a glorified servant. Ostensibly heterosexual, he’s half-hustler, half-suitor in his dealings with Adi, who it turns out isn’t averse to a little same-sex nookie, either.
The relationship develops from there, though it seems on the verge of imploding at any minute. With a child’s impulsiveness and no sense of adult responsibility, Alberto, who has a gambling problem, constantly taxes Adi’s limited finances. Word of their liaison soon gets around, with a feared cousin threatening to “break all their legs” over the disgrace if he sees them. Naturally, Adi’s hopes of gaining access to the general community and its musicians go up in smoke. But the two men are equally attracted and indecisive enough to keep this awkward match going on for a while.

Soldiers Story From Ferentari_Ivana Mladenovic


Ivana Mladenovic was born in Serbia. After studying Law in Belgrade, she moved to Bucharest, Romania where she graduated in Film Directing at the National School of Film and Theatre (UNATC) in 2010. In 2011 she finished her MA studies in Film Directing at the same university. Her short student films were shown at various film festivals around the world. She started working on her first feature documentary, Turn Off the Lights(2012), in 2009 and finished it after three years of work. The film follows three young ex-convicts after their release from prison. The documentary was developed in the acting workshops organized in the Jilava prison by director Florin Serban who invited her to join the project. “Turn Off The Lights” premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2012 and later won the Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Documentary and the Gopo Award for Best Romanian Documentary. She appeared as an actress in Radu Jude’s acclaimed feature film Scarred Hearts (2016).