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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Skrywers Anoniem


Skrywers Anoniem

Shorts Programme 7

DIRECTOR : Corné Koegelenberg
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 18 min

SK Nouveau 5, 10 Oct @ 7.45pm | Nu Metro 6, 15 Oct @ 2pm


A support group for struggling writers that meets every Wednesday gets an unexpected guest. A mysterious man joins the group and claims that he cannot stop rewriting the world, and needs their help. The group finds him extremely interesting and debate where this unfortunate habit comes from, until he starts rewriting them as well.



Corné is a writer and a director that grew up in OUDTSOORN in the little Karoo. Living in a small Afrikaans town definitely gave him more time to grow his creative side as there where not much else to do. A gifted story teller, he chose film as the medium through which he would tell his stories, and his priorities are telling honest stories and making sure his voice stays original and unique. His short films has been shown all across South Africa and in Europe.For the past 2 years he has been working in reality and lifestyle television, and out of a desire to create more narrative work he made the short film SKRYWERS ANONIEM with basically no budget.