skin diver 1


Skin Diver

Shorts Programme 8

DIRECTOR : Katya Abedian
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 15min

Nu Metro 4, 11 Oct @ 5.30 | 17 Oct @10 am


Skin Diver is a coming-of-age frame narrative which begins with a young, hearing-impaired girl opening a story book she has received for her birthday. The world she opens follows the growth of Saffron, a dreamer-stuck-in-the-suburbs. Saffron is finding ways to make sense of the depth of her feelings and constructs a world of her own in which she can breathe freely. Her isolated existence takes a turn after an unexpected encounter. The story follows the journey of a female who is learning how to grow her wings, and explores the beautiful dynamic of enduring friendships; ones that leave you inspired and much more comfortable in your own skin. However, true growth is never devoid of a fair dose of emotional struggle and Saffron is forced to deal with her own share of detachment and a plethora of intense feelings. The imagination of the young girl acts as a hollow reed through which we take part in Saffron’s story, as we observe the process of emerging on the other side of discomfort, a more self-assured version of ourselves.



Katya Abedian is a nineteen-year-old Iranian-African director born and raised in South Africa. Katya aspires to tell stories that may contribute to the progress of humanity. She is particularly interested in sharing and producing stories from the Middle East and Africa, as she believes the world lacks exposure to the beauty and depth of stories yet to be told from these perspectives of our human narrative.