My Shoes (Sabbat el aïd) 01

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / My Shoes (Sabbat el aïd)


My Shoes (Sabbat el aïd)

DIRECTOR : Anis Lassoued
COUNTRY : Tunisia
YEAR : 2012
TIME : 30 min

Nu Metro 4, 11 Oct @ 12:30pm | Nu Metro 4, 13 Oct @ 12:30pm

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In a small village in the countryside lives Nader, a nine year old kid that loves to run. Pollito doesn’t run for a reason, he runs because he needs to, because that’s what he lives for. One day, when Ramadan is near its end and he is shopping for new clothes for the Aïd party with his family, he finds winged sneakers in a shop and he wants to buy them, but his father can’t afford them.In this half-length film, where animation is used to illustrate Nader’s great imagination, the story of how a child’s mind can throw down any wall to fulfill a dream is told, however impossible it may seem.