Manhood 02


Manhood (Férfikor)

DIRECTOR : Peter Politzer
COUNTRY : Hungary
YEAR : 2017
TIME : 77min

Nu Metro 5, 16 Oct @ 12pm | 18 Oct @ 12pm


I’m Samu, my mom is blonde and short, I’m dark-haired and tall. My father’s from Cameroon, but I don’t really remember him, because I was three when my parents had a fight and he went back home, and ten years have passed since then. Mom shows me pictures of him on the computer but I’m not really interested. It’s Sunday, and it was Monday when my mom got hit by a car.My name is Frank, just past 40. I’m the circus juggler who puts plates on sticks and spins them, and he keeps adding more, using his hands and even his feet, then he puts one on his nose, and none of them fall off, even though, let’s say he does a sommersault in the meantime. OK, just kidding. I’m really a musician, classical musician, bass player. I just used the juggling as an analogy for what it feels like to be me today.My name is Dezso. I’m 91 years old and a cheat. I was born a cheat (my mother didn’t plan me, I just smuggled myself in with my dad) and I was raised a cheat (my parents praised the kid who got the better grades so I always falsified my report cards, the teacher’s diary, and later world history…) and I was a cheat my whole life, because I was a photographer.

Manhood_Peter Politzer


Peter Politzer is an award winner narrative and commercial film editor. He collaborated many festival winner and commercially successful feature films in Hungary. Manhood is his first feature directed and actually edited himself.