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Major Tom

Shorts Programme 2 

DIRECTOR : Khaled Medhat Moeit
YEAR : 2017
TIME : 15 min

Nu Metro 4, 18 Oct @ 2.30pm


Thomas’s loneliness led to a lack of communication skills which made him use his walkman to describe his feelings. All these problems stood in the way of him trying to go to Space.
The choice of a female narrator who speaks in French throughout Major Tom, mirroring a sex symbol from one of the protagonist’s favorite French films, allows the director to avoid any weak or unnecessary dialogue, and creates a suitable medium to inventively explore Tom’s coming of age and obsession with sex. By taking dialogue out of the equation almost completely, the filmmaker gives himself the freedom to use his camera in creative ways, alternating between close-ups and fixed camera settings which reflect Tom’s inner struggle. The influence of New Wave icons such as Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut is clear in the filmmaker’s stylistic choices, the chaotic jump cuts and fragmented narration true to the nature of Tom’s turbulent mind.


8 awards in various International Film Festivals

Major Tom director-Khaled medhat moeit


A student at faculty of engineering, port said university in egypt and studied filmmaking by attending the workshop of the venice film festival winner youssry nasrallah and a workshop with director sherif el bendary. I made my first short film called major tom which got screened at the alliance française de Port Said and won best film at Zawya short film festival. My research focus is currently on discovering all the ships NASA sent that have an interesting story such as the voyager1 that was sent in 1977