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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / LOL with President Mandela


LOL with President Mandela

DIRECTOR : Faith Isiakpere
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2012
TIME : 30 min

Nu Metro 4, 11 Oct @ 12:30pm | Nu Metro 4, 13 Oct @ 12:30pm 

Screens with My Shoes (Sabbat el aïd)



LOL with President Mandela offers a new insight into such a beloved symbol of freedom and peace, showing his kind heart and wonderful sense of humor. Through personal anecdotes he touches on subjects of women, scenes from Robben Island, fashion, education, celebrity status, and the racial imbalance. Each one shows Mandela’s ability to deal with these issues with honesty and humor, something that has set him apart in the world of modern politics. With never seen before footage and a special music tribute by Jackson Browne, this film provides a glimpse of Mandela’s brilliant wit and humor, and reminds us all why he continues to inspire millions and evoke such wonder and admiration.