Just Like My Son 02


Just Like My Son (Sembra Mio Figlio)

DIRECTOR : Costanza Quatriglio
COUNTRY : Italy | Croatia | Belgium
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 103min

Nu Metro 4, 15 Oct @ 7.45pm | Nu Metro 5, 18 Oct @ 8pm


“Who are you?” “I’m your son. I’m Ismail.” “I have no son named Ismail.” Ismail is a man who has lived in Europe with his brother, Hassan, since they were children. The two escaped the persecution carried out by the Taliban in Afghanistan during the first years of the new millennium. Their mother, who never stopped waiting for news of her children, does not recognize him. After several uneasy phone calls, Ismail will meet with the fate of his family, dealing with the senselessness of the war, the history of his people, the Hazara, and the oldest form of love, that of a mother for her child.

Just Like My Son_Costanza Quatriglio


Constance Quatriglio , born in Palermo , 1973, married to Daniele Vicari, and they have a daughter. She is a film director Italian and her debut film, L’isola, was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003 at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs ( Silver Ribbon for the original soundtrack of jazz trumpeter Paolo Fresu ). He has also made several documentary films, broadcast on television and winners of various festivals, including the Turin festival. Tales for The Island was presented, again in 2003, at the Venice Film Festival and The World was on show at the first edition of the Rome Film Festival . In 2009 at the international festival of Locarno presented the film’s Special Event My human heart on the Italian singer Nada Malanima, broadcast on Rai Tre.
She is the director of Terramatta , a special event at the Venice Days of the Venice Film Festival 2012, where he won the “Premio Civitas Vitae”. Successfully welcomed by public and critics, Terramatta was nominated Film Critics 2012 by the National Film Critics Union, won the Efebo d’argento and the award for best documentary film at the Italian Film Festival in Madrid. Terramatta won the Silver Ribbon for the Best Documentary 2013. With a breath of just 35 minutes and played by Alba Rohrwacher, it was presented out of competition in Venice 2013, obtaining the Prize entitled Gillo Pontecorvo for the best film in Latin. In 2014 she directed the documentary Triangle, a film about women’s work that won a silver ribbon for the best documentary. In the same year she participated in the 9×10 Novanta collective film presented at the Venice Film Festiva.