Just Believe (IO C’E’) 02

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Just Believe (O C’E’)


Just Believe (O C’E’)

DIRECTOR : Alessandro Aronadio
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 100min

Nu Metro 4, 14 Oct @ 5.30pm | 16 Oct @ 10.30pm 


Massimo Alberti is the owner of the “Miracolo Italiano” (The Italian Miracle), a bed and breakfast now reduced to a dilapidated building. Too few customers and too many taxes. Massimo has an epiphany: in order to survive, he has to transform the B&B into a place of worship, where he will host tourists in exchange for a donation. Tax-free. And to do so, he must establish his own religion, involving his sister Adriana, and the ideologist Marco. “Selfism” is born, the first religion in which you can be absolved from taxes and contributions. Get ready to convert!


Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2018
Persol Award


Just Believe (IO C’E’)_Alessandro Aronadio


After graduating in Psychology in Palermo, Alessandro Aronadio specializes in directing at the Los Angeles Film School. In 2010 Due Vite per Caso (One Life, Maybe Two), his first feature film, was selected at the Berlin Film Festival (Panorama).
In 2016 Aronadio writes and directs Orecchie (Ears). Since its debut at the Venice Film Festival, the film was acclaimed as a cult, a new way of making comedy in Italy. The film has won 16 awards in international film festivals. Io c’è (Just Believe), his third film, a mainstream comedy on the controversial theme of religion, was released in 2018. Photographer, essayist and screenwriter, Aronadio has recently written several films, among which Che vuoi che sia (What’s the big deal) by Edoardo Leo, I peggiori (Wacky Heroes) by Vincenzo Alfieri, both distributed by Warner Bros., and Classe Z, directed by Guido Chiesa.