Shorts Programme 2

DIRECTOR : Gerardo Soto
YEAR : 2017
TIME : 14 min

Nu Metro 4, 18 Oct @ 2.30pm


An intimate portrait of a teenage boy’s memories the morning of his high school shooting.



Soto was born in Mexico and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He moved to Los Angeles, California after his first year in college. At a very early age, Gerardo started to produce and write music. Given the lack of resources and slow pace lifestyle in Tulsa he decided to head for California to surround himself with other like-minded creatives and started an experimental band project. While traveling and touring with his band, he began to direct the band’s music video and took a cinematic approach in the way he conceptually designed the projected visuals and live psychedelic lighting for their live shows. This same approach lead him to a curiosity about film and storytelling. This curiosity continued to drive his creativity with music into a more scenic fashion stirring away from stylized song structure. Soto found himself fully immersed into film, taking courses, studying the technical side of a world that had already felt natural to him. In 2016, he created the concept and went back to his hometown of Tulsa to film I.O.C. his debut short film. I.O.C., is a drone one take expressionist film about public schools in America.