Heleno 02

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Heleno, Prince Cursed


Heleno, Prince Cursed

DIRECTOR : José Henrique Fonseca
COUNTRY : Brazil
YEAR : 2011
TIME : 116min

Labia 12 Oct @ 8:30pm


Heleno de Freitas was more than a football idol in the 1940’s Rio de Janeiro. Being a passionate and explosive genius as an athlete, as well as a charming and seductive man off the football fields, Heleno was set to be greatest Brazilian player during Rio’s golden years. However, his erratic behavior, lack of discipline and illness started to transform a journey of glory into one of tragedy. Filmed in black and white, this drama was based on the book “There has never been a man like Heleno” by Marcos Eduardo Novaes.


3 awards in various International Film Festivals.




José Henrique Fonseca is a Brazilian filmmaker. He directed commercials and music videos for Conspiração Filmes, a film production company he founded along with Lula Buarque de Hollanda, Cláudio Torres and Arthur Fontes. He directed a television series, Agosto (co-directed with Paulo José), before making his feature debut in The Man of the Year (2003), which was awarded as best film at the 2003 San Francisco Film Festival.
In 2005, he directed and produced in partnership with HBO Brazil the series Mandrake, based on stories written by his father in which criminal lawyer Mandrake was the protagonist. He directed the feature Heleno, based on the life of soccer player Heleno de Freitas and starring Rodrigo Santoro. He is a
founding partner of Zola Filmes, where he is general director of entertainment.