Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Give a Man a Mask and He will Tell You the Truth


Give a Man a Mask and He will Tell You the Truth

Shorts Programme 9

DIRECTOR : Eric Gaus
COUNTRY : Zimbabwe
YEAR : 2017
TIME : 12 min

Nu Metro 6, 12 Oct @ 2.30pm | 16 Oct @ 12pm


The challenges this marginalised group face in Zimbabwe include stigma, abuse from the communities and rejection at health care facilities. In these times of extreme poverty and limited job prospects more men sell their bodies for sexual favour. In a country where the laws, religious and cultural beliefs discriminate homosexuality, the men are at risk from being found out by the family and the Church.
Give a man a Mask and he will tell you the Truth uncovers the various ways the men hide their profession, sexual preference and character to protect themselves in their communities. An Art Documentary that records the tale through the use of the mask. A face to this harsh reality.
Due to the sensitivity of this subject we have ensured all traces of identity are removed.

Director -headshot


Eric is a conceptual visual artist. Living in Zimbabwe for 15 years, Eric has travelled Africa capturing landscape, wildlife and making social documentaries.
Director Statement:In an age of visual fast-food, image loses its intrinsic value. With the development of the digital era we are all creators of image. We become spectators and are no longer a witness. Visuals are swallowed and digested and in an instant we are numbed by what we see. Eric Gauss links the topic with an abstract artistic reflection, creating a symbiosis of Art and Documentary.