Gauru- Journey of Courage 01

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Gauru: Journey of Courage


Gauru: Journey of Courage

DIRECTOR : Ramkishan Choyal
YEAR : 2016
TIME : 124 min

Nu Metro 4, 10 Oct @ 10:00am | Nu Metro 4, 12 Oct @ 10:00am


The grandmother (Ila Arun) is on death bed and she has never been to her native place (myka) since her wedding. She desires to go to her native place before death but her son Ratnu refuses her to let her do so by saying that death is the only option at her age, not pilgrimage. Her 13 yr old grandson Gauru objects to this and questions his father but in times of draught Ratnu can just feed their belly, not their wishes.

To solve the financial crisis of the family Ratnu and his wife migrate to the city and Gauru is given the responsibility to take care of the sheep. In times of draught the shepherds migrate to faraway places looking for better pasture. Gauru comes to know that this time the shepherds are migrating very near to grandmother’s village. He comes and shares this with his grandmother, who says that she can’t move an inch and her native place is million miles away!