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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Estômago, a Gastronomic Story


Estômago, a Gastronomic Story

DIRECTOR : Marcos Jorge
COUNTRY : Brazil | Italy
YEAR : 2007
TIME : 113min

Labia 13 Oct @ 8:30pm


The world is made of those who eat and those who get eaten. Raimundo Nonato, our protagonist, finds an alternative way: he cooks. He cooks first in a bar, then in an Italian Restaurant and then in prison – how did he end up in jail? He cooks and learns how to get by in a society divided in two between those who eat and those who get eaten. What he learns, are a series of rules he uses to his advantage: in the end, the cook must also get his share of food – and only he knows which part tastes best. Estômago is an adult fable on power, sex and cooking.


8 awards in various International Film Festivals.



Estomago_Marcos Jorge


Marcos Jorge studied journalism in Brazil and cinema in Italy. His films and videos have won over 50 awards in festivals in Brazil and abroad. His video installations have been exhibited in France, Italy, Holland and Japan. He is the director of the documentary “O Ateliê de Luzia” (Luzia ́s  Atelier) and author of the book “Brasil Rupestre,” both on Brazil’s rupestrian art. He has directed dozens of advertising films for Brazilian and international companies, winning several awards including Globo networks’ “Professional of the Year” and two gold medals at the New York Film Festival. His first feature-length fiction film, “ESTÔMAGO  –  A gastronomic story” won four awards at the 2007 Rio Film Festival.