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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / District Six Rising from the Dust


District Six Rising from the Dust

DIRECTOR : Weaam Williams
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 90min

Nu Metro 6, 18 Oct @ 6.30pm 


The memory of District Six is an iconic to Cape Town as Table Mountain. It is remembered as a cosmopolitan neighbourhood, and a hub of art, music and culture. In 1960 District Six was declared a whites only area. This declaration was formalized with the Apartheid Group Areas Act of 1966. It is estimated that approximately 60 000 t0 80 000 people were forcibly removed form District Six.

The director’s mother was one of those families that was forcibly removed with her parents, siblings, uncles, aunts and grandparents. A “tribe”, a community uprooted from their home and businesses of four generations. I moved into District Six in December 2013 in a home restituted to my family, and so the journey of the film started.

The documentary is a deeply personal story, which examines the microcosm within the macrocosm and the legacy of intergenerational pain and dispossession of wealth. It also reflects on SA’s current restitution process. The film is visually and aurally rich with moments of “fly on the wall’ perspective as well as access to nuanced moments of the Cape community, featuring clips from “District Six The Musical”

District Six Rising from the Dust_Weaam Williams


Weaam Williams, is a screen-writer, director and poet. She has found her voice as a
woman and activist using cinema. Weaam started her career in the film and TV industry as writer for a popular South African TV drama series, titled “Soul Buddyz”
Her directorial debut, Hip-Hop Revolution (48min), had its International Premiere at Silverdocs (Washington DC) in 2007. It won the Best Edited Film award at NYC Reel Sisters Film Festival in 2008, and has been broadcasted in 28 countries. In 2009-2013 she undertook an independent filmmaking project: “A Khoe Story Docu- Trilogy” for Southern African distribution. The three part documentary series is about the language, genocide and remaining culture of South Africa’s indigenous people. It has been acquired as official high school and university curriculum material in South Africa.

During this period, she was invited as a juror to the International Emmy’s Documentary Competition (2012). Weaam undertook her latest film, District Six Rising from the Dust in 2013 after moving into District Six. The film is a personal story from the inside looking out.

She is currently in production with her first fiction directing project titled “Two Hues”, for which she is also the screenplay writer. District Six Rising from the Dust has recently received an “Award of Excellence” from the Scandinavian International Film Festival, where the final film will premiere in early October.