Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Diphiri Le Makunutu


Diphiri Le Makunutu

Shorts Programme 8

DIRECTOR : Obett Motaung
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 24 min

Nu Metro 4, 11 Oct @ 5.30 | 17 Oct @10 am


A prodigal son returns home with a secret that he is a secret agent who has mission to uncover a major crime lord who is in his home town. He is faced with the pressure from his father to take over the family church from him. He hesitates. He gets more pressure to solve the case and also has to make sure that he does not get exposed. Then he makes a breakthrough in the case and finds out the identity of crime lord is actually his own father who is busy using the church as cover. There is final show down between the father and son which end with the son killing the father. Then the son quits he job a secret agency under the masquerade of taking over from family church as the father passed away but only to take over the real family business of taking over the underworld.


Obett Motaung is a young emerging filmmaker and theatre maker. He holds an MA from the University of Witwatersrand in Film & TV and won multiple awards at his time for his creative work. He is a judge for the Naledi Awards most prestigious theatre awards in South Africa. He has directed numerous ground breaking theatre works which have won awards. He won an award at Ekurhuleni International Film Festival for his latest film and his latest film Diphiri Le Makuntu has been selected to the Cape Town International Film Festival.