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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Diapers for Melquiades


Diapers for Melquiades

Shorts Programme 6

DIRECTOR : Gandhi Ramos
COUNTRY : Mexico
YEAR : 2017
TIME : 20min

Nu Metro 5, 14 Oct @ 2.30pm | SK Nouveau 5, 19 Oct @ 2.30pm


Domingo, goes to the market´s town to sell hats. Along the way, he takes the opportunity to visit his brother Melquiades, who is terminally ill.
Director Biography – Gandhi Ramos



Graduated in Communication Sciences from the UNAM, he has worked as a scriptwriter, editor, producer and producer in various media. His undergraduate thesis consisted of several interviews with filmmaker Carlos Reygadas. He is part of the permanent script workshop given by Michael Rowe. He has made five short films, one cineminuto, two documentaries on art and one series for television. At the same time, he has a career as a musician in the Gypsy jazz band Gandhi and the Infieles, with which he offers concerts throughout Mexico. He wrote and produced the album Canciones para la otra, with that band.