Cry of Love 02


Cry Of Love

DIRECTOR : Faith Isiakpere
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2016
TIME : 114 min

Nu Metro 5, 10 Oct @ 10:00 am | Nu Metro 5, 12 Oct @ 10:00am


Cry of Love is an eclectic mix of modern and traditional song, dance, drums and jazz from across Africa. Set in Johannesburg, it follows the lives of talented teens who come together in The Sanctuary – where they can create music. Starring the legendary South African songbird Yvonne Chaka Chaka and the award winning actress Leleti Khumalo, Cry of Love follows the lives of young and talented teens who escape the danger of the streets and find creative security in a theatre workshop called The Sanctuary. Here they are able to celebrate their ‘ubunto’ – the African expression of ‘I live through you’. Cry of Love combines a compelling narrative with music and contemporary human rights issues, which takes the viewer right to the heart of the problems facing modern day South Africa.