Change 1



Shorts Programme 7

DIRECTOR : Almarida Reynecke
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 15min

SK Nouveau 5, 10 Oct @ 7.45pm | Nu Metro 6, 15 Oct @ 2pm


CHANGE follows the story of a person who, on all accounts, appears to be a happily married husband and father but is struggling with an inner turmoil that may prove too much to live with.
William has always felt out of place. Incomplete. Something lacking in his life. And yet he sees what it is on a daily basis. He sees it in the bond between his wife and daughter. In the way women present themselves. They are the aspects of female life that he is so natural drawn to but of which he is denied due to traditional views on gender identity.
William is forced to live a lie as not be judged. But such an existence is wearing, and William must now decide how much he is willing to sacrifice as to relieve him of his pain.


Almarida -director


Almarida Reynecke is a first-time producer and director and studied performance art at the ADK (Academy of Dramatic Art) in Johannesburg. Aside from a number of supporting roles in television and film productions, she ran a chapter of the Playhouse drama school, giving training to kids and adults. She has been working with West Five Films over the past six years as an executive or associate producer, and has credits on Vrou Soek Boer, Finders Keepers and Sonskyn Beperk. Almarida is passionate about bringing strong female led stories of compassion, empathy and courage to the screen.