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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / Cartola, Music for the Eyes


Cartola, Music for the Eyes

DIRECTOR : Lírio Ferreira | Hilton Lacerda
COUNTRY : Brazil
YEAR : 2007
TIME : 88min

Labia 11 Oct @ 8:30pm | Labia 13 Oct @ 6:15pm


“Cartola – Music for the Eyes” is a biographical documentary of one of Brazil’s main samba musicians of all time, Angenor de Oliveira, also known as Cartola (“tophat”). His life blends with the story of samba in Rio from 1930’s to 1970’s, as he was the precursor in the foundation of Mangueira, one of Brazil’s main samba schools. After disappearing from the music scene for a few years, Cartola was found by journalist Sérgio Porto in 1956 working as a car-washer. Porto took charge of starting to promote Cartola’s return, inviting him to radio shows and promoting his work with new partners. The screening of the movie on October 11th 2018 marks the 110th birthday of this unique artist.


Cinema Brazil Grand Prize 2008
Best Documentary

Cineport – Portuguese Film Festival 2007
Best Documentary

Cartola _ Hilton Lacerda


Hilton Lacerda studied journalism at the Catholic University of Pernambuco and Arts at the Federal University of Pernambuco, but did not complete any of the courses. He first started in the cinema 1988 as assistant of Lily Ferreira in The Crime of the Image.
His main highlight came with the screenplay of Perfume Ball, directed by Lírio Ferreira, telling the troubled life of the Syrian-Lebanese immigrant Benjamin Abrahão Botto. He has also done documentaries, music videos.

Cartola_Lirio Ferreira


Lírio Ferreira was born in Recife in 1965. A graduate in journalism from the University of Pernambuco, he became interested in directing while in college and won various awards for his feature debut BAILE PERFUMADO (1997), which premiered at the festival in Toronto. His second feature, ÁRIDO MOVIE (2005), was part of the Official Selection at Venice Film Festival. BLUE BLOOD is Lírio Ferreira’s third fictional feature film.