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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / The Ball (Balon)


The Ball (Balon)

DIRECTOR : Pasquale Scimeca
COUNTRY : Italy | Sierra Leon
YEAR : 2017
TIME : 94min

SK Nouveau 5, 16 Oct @ 5.45pm | Nu Metro 6 , 17 Oct @ 2.30pm 


AMIN and his sister ISOKE’ live in a village of poor people (without electricity or water) in Sub-Saharan Africa. One day, a band of predators attack the village, burn their home, and kill parents and brothers.
Left alone, the two children flee north to the desert, where they are rescued by a couple of archaeologists who take them to Libya. Here they are captured by a militia, after months of imprisonment, of violence and work as slaves, they succeed in getting on a boat that drives the anchor towards the unknown …


TFF Torino Film Festival “Festa Mobile” – 2017
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Film Festival for Kids – Giardini Naxos – 2018
Cavalluccio Marino




Pasquale Scimeca, born in a small pleasant village in Sicily. After high school he moved to Florence where he graduated in Arts and he travelled to Europe and Africa. Author and producer among the most coherent European indipendent filmmakers on Scimeca, many degree theses were written in the most prestigious italian universities. With many of his films: “Placido Rizzotto”, “The Undesirables”, “Sem Terra”, “Passion of Joshua the Jewisc”, “Rosso Malpelo”,“The House by the Medlar Tree”, “Biagio” , participated, winning numerous awards, in official selections of the most important international festivals: Toronto (3 times), Venezia (5 times), Locarno (2 times), Pusan, London, Tokyo, Mar del Plata, Rio de Janeiro, L’ Havana, Shanghai, Cape Town, Giffoni, Roma, ecc. His films have been distributed, as well as in Italy and in many countries including: Usa, Australia, Canada, Japan, Iran, Spain, France, ecc.