Anchorwoman 02



Shorts Programme 5 

DIRECTOR : Ioannis Monastiropoulos
COUNTRY : Greece
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 20min

Nu Metro 5, 14 Oct @ 10am | Nu Metro 4, 16 Oct @ 10am


An ambitious reporter follows a dark path towards success. Unknown to her, this path leads her to a life changing confrontation with her grandmother. This film, Anchorwoman, explores the mass media system and how it affects our lives. This exploration is presented through the eyes of these two women, who have served and nurtured the system.

Anchorwoman_Ioannis Monastiropoulos


Ioannis Monastiropoulos: director, screenwriter and actor. He was born in 1984 in Thessaloniki and is of Greek Pontian descent. He initially studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technological Educational Institute of Serres, a town in Northern Greece. After graduating, he decided to study drama at Iakovos Kampanellis drama school in Athens. He graduated 4 years later and he started working in the theatre but quickly evolved to become a screen actor. His need to express himself through words led him to study script writing which resulted in writing three short film scripts and one feature film script. He continued studying film techniques and as a result he shot one of his own short films ‘‘Anchorwoman’’.