An Autobiography En Autobiografi 01

Festival / Official Selection 2018 / An Autobiography (En Autobiografi)


An Autobiography (En Autobiografi)

Shorts Programme 4

DIRECTOR : Mari Mantela
COUNTRY : Finland
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 35min

Nu Metro 6, 13 Oct @ 2pm | Nu Metro 4, 19 Oct @ 10am


Two days before her retirement Anja makes a decision: She will not leave her work in a rental cars parking hall deep under the ground, a place where she has worked for 45 years like a queen bee, nursing cars and the mechanics around her. But when the boss upstairs sends a young trainee down who is ready to replace her, Anja is forced to face the fact – her life as she knows is coming to an end.

An Autobiography En Autobiografi_Mari Mantela


Mari Mantela (born 1978) studied film directing at the Aalto University in Helsinki. Mantela ́s awarded short films have been screened in international festivals as well as in television in Finland and Sweden. For a decade Mantela worked internationally directing commercial productions and gained a strong visual style which often combines digital imagery with traditional and character driven storytelling. Mantela is currently working on her debut feature THEIA, a scifi- western set in future Lapland.