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The CTIFMF is positioning itself to become the leading and most relevant film & media industry platform in Africa, through:

▪       Pioneering the transformation of the domestic film/television industry.

▪       Promoting Afro-centric content.

▪       Enabling a sustainable film industry/economy for South Africa from the Western   Cape.

▪       Positioning the Western Cape as a film/television destination of choice.




General Enquiries: info@filmfest.capetown

+27 21 556 3204


Executive Chairman: Rafiq Samsodien

CEO: Nazeera Hartley Roach – nazeera@filmfest.capetown

COO & Festival Director: Leon van Der Merwe – leon@filmfest.capetown

Marketing & Communications Director: Jehad Kasu – jehad@filmfest.capetown

Market Director: Elias Ribeiro – elias@filmfest.capetown

Project Manager: Nikki Froneman – nikki@filmfest.capetown

Festival Manager: Nazeer Ahmed – nazeer.ahmed@filmfest.capetown

Market Manager: Zahrah Isaacs – zahrah@filmfest.capetown

Media Liaison: Lara Preston – pr@filmfest.capetown

Expo: sales@filmfest.capetown

Accounts: accounts@filmfest.com