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Festival / Official Selection 2018 / A Legal Affair


A Legal Affair

Shorts Programme 10 

DIRECTOR : Aviwe Komsana
COUNTRY : South Africa
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 28 min

Nu Metro 6, 12 Oct @ 8pm | Nu Metro 5, 16 Oct @ 5.30pm


A junior, insecure lawyer is promoted and makes partner in her law firm, however, her elevation comes at the cost of losing her daughter, which in her life would mean permitting history to repeat itself.

A Legal Affair_Aviwe Komsana


Aviwe Komsana is a young, bold filmmaker who studied Television Production (Majoring in Producing) at AFDA. After graduating from AFDA film school with BA Honours degree, she took a job working for a production company under the pressure and insecurities of not making money and being broke. She completed her internship contract deciding not to renew it. Instead she took the road less travelled – starting a company of her own and a company with her like-minded business partners, with zero capital. This highly energetic and insightful gift to the team sees her role in Pigeons and Turtledoves as the driver and consolidator of all major processes to bring the powerful stories of redemption to audiences both near and far. Her pursuits include poetry, music, discipling and filmmaking; all to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.