27 Steps of May 02


27 Steps of May

DIRECTOR : Ravi Bharwani
COUNTRY : Indonesia
YEAR : 2018
TIME : 110min

Nu Metro 4, 17 Oct @ 2.30pm | Nu Metro 5, 15 Oct @ 12pm


Eight years ago, 14 year old May was raped by a group of men. May’s father is devastated, blaming himself for not being able to keep his daughter safe. Traumatized significantly by this incident, May with draws completely from life. She imprisons herself in her father’s house. She blocks out all emotions and constructs a protective bubble around her. While May lives her life without connections, emotions, or words, her father, trapped by feelings of guilt and rage leads a double life. With May, he is a gentle soul who would sacrifice everything to provide comfort and protection for his daughter. But in the boxing ring, he is pure rage; a fighter who fights to channel his rage. Father and daughter have lived this way for 8 years until a stranger, a magician, moves in next door and creates a small crack in May’s carefully erected protective wall. The magician stirs May’s sense of wonder and in doing so awakens her emotions. She becomes brave enough to search and face her once lost feelings, sensations, impressions, and memories. With the help of the magician and props, May re-enacts the rape in order to free herself and move forward.

27 Steps of May_Ravi Bharwani


Ravi Bharwani graduated from the Jakarta Institute of the Arts (IKJ) in 1990. After directing several commercials, documentaries, short movies and made-for-TV movies, he made his feature film The Rainmaker which premiered in Asian New Current, Busan International Film Festival. It was later selected to the Bangkok, Jakarta, Rotterdam, Barcelona,Shanghai, Vladivostok, Cinemanila international film festival. It won the best film in the Asia new talent award in Shanghai, China. Jermal (2009) his second feature, where he worked with two other directors, Rayya Makarim and Utawa Tresno, was selected for screening in Pusan, Rotterdam, Melbourne, Montreal, Vancouver, Edinburgh, Copenhagen and numerous other International film festivals and has received several awards.